Newest Member of Our Solar System


A planet larger than Pluto has been discovered in the outlying regions of the solar system.
The planet was discovered using the Samuel Oschin Telescope at Palomar Observatory near San Diego, Calif. The discovery was announced today by planetary scientist Dr. Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., whose research is partly funded by NASA.
The planet is a typical member of the Kuiper belt, but its sheer size in relation to the nine known planets means that it can only be classified as a planet, Brown said. Currently about 97 times further from the sun than the Earth, the planet is the farthest-known object in the solar system, and the third brightest of the Kuiper belt objects.
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All-time record rain in Mumbai


The rain that lashed Mumbai incessantly for the last 24 hours, submerging large parts of the city and bringing it to a standstill, has broken all records. From 8.30 a.m on Tuesday to the same time on Wednesday, Mumbai's suburbs recorded an unprecedented rainfall of 944.2 mm, exceeding the previous high of the world's wettest place, Cherrapunjee, which received 838.2 mm on July 12, 1910. Mumbai's highest till now, recorded more than 30 years ago on July 5, 1974, was 575.6 mm in the city (Colaba) and 375.2 mm in the suburbs (Santa Cruz), the weather bureau said.

The real horrible thing for me is, I came here one week ago and suffered to go to my apartment from my office(Distance between office and apartment is 1 Kilometer). :-(
source: The Hindu

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Facts of India

Until 1896, India was the only source for diamonds to the world.

Sushruta is regarded as the father of surgery. Over 2600 years ago Sushrata & his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, cesareans, fractures, urinary stones and also plastic surgery and brain surgeries.

Usage of anesthesia was well known in ancient India medicine. Detailed knowledge of anatomy, embryology, digestion, metabolism, physiology, etiology, genetics and immunity is also found in many ancient Indian texts.

Proud 2 b Indian

Facts of India

The number system was invented by India. "Aryabhatta" was the scientist who invented the digit zero.

Chess was invented in India.

Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies which originated in India.

The' place value system' and the 'decimal system' were developed in 100 BC in India.

Facts of India

The name `India’ is derived from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. The Aryan worshippers referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu.

The Persian invaders converted it into Hindu. The name `Hindustan’ combines Sindhu and Hindu and thus refers to the land of the Hindus.