Hrudaya Spandana


Sahaaya Foundation organized an event @ HariHaraKalaBhavan yesterday. It was a musical event by a group of visually challenged people.

It was very good and was a grand success. All the performances were awesome.

The songs sang by them were very nice and sounded professional. The three dance performances were also wonderful.

But at the end of the show we came to know that they couldn't give chance to one or two kids to perform due to lack of time. The kids came from a far place it seems.

As per my observation, some time was wasted with the short speeches by some person (not sure of his name) after each performance. Instead of that the person could've given a speach of 5 mins at a stretch so that the time could be saved and the kids could get their chance to perform.

Also there was a Sanmanam done to a lady. She also took long time for her speech. But it was really not clear who the lady was, what's her achievement and why they treated her!!

One more point I noticed was, the girl Shravya was given more chances to sing. But she is already a known singer, so instead of focusing her so much, they could've given chances to other kids who didn't get a chance at all.

Except for these small mistakes, I think the show was really great.

It was a great experience all and all to be a part of such a wonderful event.