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Hurricane - Rita

Hurricane Rita weakened slightly to Category 4 status mid-day after having earlier packed 170-mph ( 274-kph) sustained winds as it swirled toward the Gulf of Mexico coast, prompting more than 1.3 million residents in Texas and Louisiana to flee in hopes of avoiding a deadly repeat of Katrina.

The storm is likely to come ashore as a Category 3 or Category 4 hurricane, forecasters said.

Forecasters said Rita could be the strongest hurricane on record to ever hit Texas. Only three Category 5 hurricanes, the highest on the scale, are known to have hit the U.S. mainland -- most recently, Andrew, which smashed South Florida in 1992.

At 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT) Thursday, Rita was centered about 490 miles (790 kilometers) east-southeast of Galveston and was moving west-northwest near 9 mph (15 kph). Wind speed was 170 mph (274 kph), down slightly from 175 mph (282 kph) earlier in the day. Forecasters predicted it would come ashore along the central Texas coast between Galveston and Corpus Christi. Rainfall from the storm could reach 15 inches (38 centimeters) in spots, the hurricane center said.

Hurricane-force winds extended up to 70 miles (115 kilometers) from the center of the storm, and even a slight rightward turn could prove devastating to the fractured levees protecting New Orleans.

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Hurricane Center May Run Out of Names

Each year, 21 common names are reserved for Atlantic Basin hurricanes, with the list arranged alphabetically and skipping certain letters. Rita is the 17th named storm in the Atlantic Basin this year. There are only four left.

So what will officials do after tropical storm Wilma develops, assuming it does?

2005 Names List
1. Arlene
2. Bret
3. Cindy
4. Dennis
5. Emily
6. Franklin
7. Gert
8. Harvey
9. Irene
10. Jose
11. Katrina
12. Lee
13. Maria
14. Nate
15. Ophelia
16. Philippe
17. Rita
18. Stan
19. Tammy
20. Vince
21. Wilma
Twenty-one names are reserved each year (the letters q, u, x, y and z are not used), and the names are recycled every six years, minus those retired. When a name is retired, the World Meteorological Organization chooses a new name to replace it.
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Programming hai waste, trust only copy-paste


Imagine ur self in a Sprite Ad

Your Colleague : Hey!! Kya yahan baitha mail forward karta rahta hai yaar !! Naye packages dekh.... Nayelanguage seekh. Night out Maar....Fundoo programming kar like me....! Do so! mething cool man !!
You: Achha! To usse Kya hoga .
Your Colleague : Impression!!! Appraisal !!! Har appraisal main tu No 1! Hike in salary !! Extra Stocks.
You: Phir kya hoga...
Your Colleague : Project Leader ban jaayega..Phir Project Manager !!! Phir Business Manager ! One day U will be a Director of the Company man !!
You: Acchha to phir kya hoga...
Your Colleague : Abe phir tu aish karega! Koi kaam nahin karna padega ! Araam se office aayega aur MAIL check karega.
You: To ab main kya kar raha hoon????

"Dikhawe pe na jao, apni akal lagao. Programming hai waste, trust only copy-paste "
Powered by ctrl C
Driven by ctrl V



With the 57 S ("S" stands for Special) Maybach is expanding its model range with a saloon which combines contemporary luxury, ultimate comfort and state-of-the-art, high-performance technology to the level of perfection typical of the brand.
With this more powerful and individualised variant of the Model 57 Saloon, Maybach meets the exclusive wishes of demanding customers for even more performance and dynamic handling.

The new, more powerful twelve-cylinder powerpack in the Maybach 57 S has a displacement of six litres and an output of 450 kW/612 hp thanks to a twin turbocharger and water intercooling. The impressive maximum torque of 1000 Nm (electronically limited) is available over a wide range between 2000 and 4000 rpm. The engine produces a blistering performance and accelerates the Maybach 57 S from zero to 100 km/h in just five seconds. This provides effortless performance reserves at all times for the more sportily inclined Maybach driver.

The twelve-cylinder bi-turbo engine is assembled by hand. The "one man – one engine" philosophy – confirmed by the signature of the technician responsible on the engine cover of the V12 bi-turbo – guarantees the highest quality and attention to detail.

Effortless superiority:suspension

The suspension of the Maybach 57 S features the Adaptive Damping System ADS II. By modifying and stiffening the suspension configuration of the 57 S, Maybach developers have succeeded in reconciling different requirements perfectly. It can be relied upon to ensure that the impressive performance and very high dynamic potential can be safely and effortlessly transferred to the road at all times. At the same time the very high level of ride comfort for which the Maybach luxury saloons are known remains unimpaired. Striking 20-inch spoked wheels with size 275/45 R 20 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres complete the suspension system and visually underline the car's sporty and dynamic appearance.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP), acceleration skid control (ASR) and the braking system have been configured for the increased performance potential and consistently ensure an optimal level of passive safety in the Maybach 57 S.

Dynamic lines:exterior

Discreet and tasteful highlights underline the decidedly dynamic external appearance of the new Maybach 57 S.

The front end features a redesigned radiator grille with double louvres. The headlamps have likewise been redesigned, with backgrounds painted in the vehicle colour. The brilliant and aesthetically appealing overall impression of the front end is rounded off by fog lamps with new chrome surrounds

The rear view is characterised by a newly designed rear apron. This integrates the prominent, chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes on the left and right into the vehicle contours and emphasises their attractiveness. The boot lid bears the lettering "Maybach" and "57 S", and the model designation may also be found on the wings beneath the A-pillars.

The car is only available with a special metallic black or metallic silver paint finish.

Luxurious touches: interior

The individually designed interior of the Maybach 57 S has an atmosphere of its own. This is in large part due to interior features which are coated in piano lacquer or trimmed in carbon – these are trimmed in wood in Maybach saloons.

Particular attention to detail is obvious in the centre console: this innovative creation consisting of piano-lacquered and carbon features is another powerful interior highlight which visually underlines the impressive performance potential of this Maybach model. As an alternative, Maybach customers can also opt for a likewise new variant in anthracite poplar wood rather than the carbon components.

The likewise new leather upholstery, which is optionally available in black with the silver exterior or in light-coloured leather with a black exterior, is perfectly coordinated with this colour scheme. The sporty impression is enhanced with colour-contrasted piping on the seat upholstery. The selector lever knob in the interior colour and the steering wheel covered in black, partly perforated leather ideally complement the interior colour scheme.

The speedometers in the dashboard instrument cluster and the roof console in the rear of the 57 S are graduated up to a speed of 198.83 mph (320 km/h). All the controls are arranged in the driver’s field of vision and reach, and underscore the tasteful layout, perfect proportions and driver-oriented layout of the cockpit in the Maybach 57 S.

Exclusive comfort: new interior design of the rear

The design of the head restraints has been adapted to suit the stylish interior. Even on longer journeys at higher speeds, their ergonomic shape ensures optimal relaxation and the level of comfort typical of a Maybach.

An opaque curtain is optionally available for the large, black-tinted rear window. This shields the interior from prying eyes while creating a pleasant, subdued lighting effect even during daylight hours.

Matching the interior colour scheme, the roof lining and side trim in the 57 S are in anthracite Alcantara. This emphasises the dynamic and elegant atmosphere even further and ideally accentuates the effect of the black piano-lacquered surrounds of the roof instruments.

Carefully selected leather, materials of very high quality and the painstaking workmanship in the interior of the Maybach 57 S impressively reflect the high quality standards to which the Maybach custom workshops are committed.

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Technical data - Maybach 57 S


No. of cylinders/arrangement - 12/V, 3 valves per cylinder
Displacement - 5980 cc
Bore x stroke - 3.52 x 3.66 in
Rated output 1 - 450/612 kW/hp at 4800 - 5100 rpm
Rated torque - 1000 Nm at 2000 - 4000 rpm
Compression ratio - 9.0 : 1
Mixture formation - Microprocessor-controlled petrol injection with pressure-signal-based load measurement; AC twin-spark ignition; twin turbochargers


Transmission - 5-speed automatic


Wheelbase - 133.46 in (3390 mm)
Track front/rear - 65.94/66.73 in (1675/1695 mm)
Overall length - 225.51 in (5728 mm)
Overall width - 77.95 in (1980 mm)
Overall height - 61.29 in (1557 mm)
Turning circle - 14.63 yd (13,38 m)
Boot capacity max 2 - 160 gl (605 l)
Kerb weight acc. to EC 3 - 6029 lb (2735 kg, acc. to DIN: 2660 kg)
Payload - 1157 lb (525 kg, acc. to DIN: 600 kg)
Gross vehicle weight - 7187 lb (3260 kg)
Tank capacity/reserve - 29.0/3.7 gl (110/14 l)


Acceleration 0-100 km/h - 5.0 s
Acceleration 0-200 km/h - 15.8 s
Acceleration 80-120 km/h - 3.7 s (in 3rd gear)
Max. speed - 171 mph // 275 KM/h (electronically limited)
Fuel consumption – urban 4 - 9.5 mpg
Fuel consumption – extra-urban 4 - 19.9 mpg
Fuel consumption – combined 4 - 14.3 mpg
CO2 emissions – urban 4 - 585 g/km
CO2 emissions – extra-urban 4 - 281 g/km
CO2 emissions – combined 4 - 390 g/km


Front axle - Double wishbone suspension, AIRMATIC DC full air suspension system with level control, anti-dive, torsion bar stabiliser
Rear axle - Multi-link independent suspension, AIRMATIC DC full air suspension system with level control, anti-squat and anti-lift, torsion bar stabiliser
Braking system - Sensotronic Brake Control electrohydraulic braking system, internally ventilated disc brakes all-round, drum-type parking brake at rear, ABS, Brake Assist, ESP®
Steering - Recirculating-ball power steering, steering damper
Wheels - 8.5 J x 20 ET 67
Tyres - 275/45 R 20

1 Figures acc. to the currently valid version of Directive 80/1269/EEC.2 Acc. to VDA measuring method.3 Figures acc. to Guideline 92/21/EC, version 95/48/EC (weight in ready-to-drive condition, fuel tank 90% full, with driver, 68 kg, and luggage, 7 kg) for vehicles with standard equipment. Optional extras usually increase this figure, with a corresponding reduction in payload.4 Figures measured acc. to the method prescribed in the current version of Directive 80/1268/EEC. The figures do not refer to individual vehicles and are not binding, but are for purposes of comparison between different vehicle models.

Source: Maybachusa www.maybachusa.com

Do Not board Autos just from Front of an ATM

Please Do Not board Autos just from Front of an ATM.. walk a bit andThen board an Auto.

A person called Fiaz(Accenture Employee) went to Anand Rao Circle,Bangalore ICICI bank ATM last Saturday 24.7.04 and drew Rs. 4000/- cashand took a auto standing in front of the ATM.

After 2 Minutes of drive this auto driver stopped the vehicle and made a phone call on his cell phone. Our guy didn't bother much and thought the auto driver may have some urgency.
The auto was going towards Majestic and in the next signal 2 hefty guysand 1 beautiful girl rushed into this auto.

1 guy sat on the iron bar and the girl sat next to him and the other guy next to her. The guy sat on the iron bar branded a knife, the other guy caught his throat and the girl put her legs above his lap and held his hands.

The guy with the knife started banging him on his face and he started bleeding ....our guy was speechless and they didn't stop beating...he was not able to even shout for help as theother guy
caught on his throat ! The gang threatened him that if he shouts for help they will say that this guy is kidnapping the girl and the 2 guys came for rescue and auto driver is approver for that !!

They took his cash of Rs. 4000/-, took his watch and picked up his mobile.As the mobile was old model they returned to him ! All in the journey,while they kept beating him. After looting everything they pushed him from the auto in cubbon road and flew away. He was bleedingfrom his broken lipand didn't even note down the auto number becoz of the rude shock.

You know what - all this happened between 1 - 1.30pm of the day in one of the busiest area of Bangalore !! who told Auto is safe to travel ??!! Please be careful before getting into an auto especially after you come out of a ATM !!

The Smallest PC in The World


Click on image for closer view
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Professional operating system
  • Dimensions: 5.8" x 4" x 1" (148mm x 101mm x 26mm)
  • Weighs 1lb (450g)
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 256MB system RAM
  • 30GB internal hard drive
  • 3D graphics w/ 8MB video RAM
  • Full-function, QWERTY thumb keyboard w/ hotkeys for commonly used commands
  • 5.6" HDTV-quality display (1024 x 600)
  • Lithium-ion Polymer battery (2-6 hours battery life*)
  • Integrated 802.11b (11 Mbps) /g (54 Mbps) Wi-Fi
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Internal microphone/speaker with headphones and ear bud jacks
  • Integrated 1.3MP digital camera


  • Low-Power Interactive Display (LID?) module
  • Bluetooth®
  • Wide area networking
  • Ethernet (10/100Mbit)
  • Support for external VGA
  • NTSC TV Output
  • Additional USB 2.0 ports
  • DVD-CD/RW drive

Rupee in Time of Britishers at India

In August 1940, the one-rupee note was reintroducedRupee One
Rupee One Reverse

Rupees Two

As an added security feature, the security thread was introduced for the first time in India.

George VI Profile

George VI Frontal

The George VI series continued till 1947 and thereafter as a frozen series till 1950 when post independence notes were issued.

End of Rupee story

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Rupee in Time of Britishers at India

Small Denomination Notes
The introduction of small denomination notes in India was essentially in the realm of the exigent. Compulsions of the first World War led to the introduction of paper currency of small denominations. Rupee One was introduced on 30th November, 1917 followed by the exotic Rupees Two and Annas Eight. The issuance of these notes was discontinued on 1st January, 1926 on cost benefit considerations. These notes first carried the portrait of King George V and were the precursors of the 'King's Portrait' Series which were to follow.

Rupee One

Rupee One - Reverse

Rupees Two and Annas Eight - Obverse King's Portrait Series

Regular issues of this Series carrying the portrait of George V were introduced in May, 1923 on a Ten Rupee Note. The King's Portrait Motif continued as an integral feature of all Paper Money issues of British India. Government of India continued to issue currency notes till 1935 when the Reserve Bank of India took over the functions of the Controller of Currency. These notes were issued in denominations of Rs 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 10,000.

Rupees Fifty

Rupees One Thousand

Rupees Ten Thousand

Rupees Five - First Note issued by Reserve Bank of India

This was followed by Rs 10 in February, Rs 100 in March and Rs 1,000 and Rs 10,000 in June 1938.

Rupees One Hundred

Rupees One Thousand

Rupees Ten Thousand

to be continued..

Rupee in Time of Britishers at India

Victoria Portrait Series
The first set of British India notes were the 'Victoria Portrait' Series issued in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000. These were unifaced, carried two language panels and were printed on hand-moulded paper manufactured at the Laverstock Paper Mills (Portals). The security features incorporated the watermark (GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, RUPEES, two signatures and wavy lines), the printed signature and the registration of the notes.

Rupees 10

Rupees 100

British India Notes facilitated inter-spatial transfer of funds. As a security precaution, notes were cut in half. One set was sent by post. On confirmation of receipt, the other half was despatched by post.

Half note

This series remained largely unchanged till the introduction of the 'King's Portrait' series which commenced in 1923.

Green Underprint - Rupees Five Hundred

Green Underprint - Rupees Five

Red Underprint - Rupees Fifty

to be continued..

Joke of the Day

On walking into the factory, the MD noticed a young guy leaning againstthe wall, doing nothing. He approached the young man and calmly said to him, How much do you earn?" The young man was quite amazed that he was asked such a personal question, he replied, none the less, "I earn Rs 2 000.00 a month, Sir. Why?"
Without answering, the MD took out his wallet and removed Rs 6000.00 cash And gave it to the young man and said, "Around here I pay people for working, not for standing around looking pretty! Here is 3 months' salary, now GET OUT and don't comeback".
The young man turned around and was quickly out of sight. Noticing a Few onlookers, the MD said in a very upset manner, "And that applies for everybody in this company". He approached one of the onlookers and asked him, "Who 's the young man that I just fired ?" To which anamazing reply came of, "He was the pizza delivery man, Sir...!!!"

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi