Do Not board Autos just from Front of an ATM

Please Do Not board Autos just from Front of an ATM.. walk a bit andThen board an Auto.

A person called Fiaz(Accenture Employee) went to Anand Rao Circle,Bangalore ICICI bank ATM last Saturday 24.7.04 and drew Rs. 4000/- cashand took a auto standing in front of the ATM.

After 2 Minutes of drive this auto driver stopped the vehicle and made a phone call on his cell phone. Our guy didn't bother much and thought the auto driver may have some urgency.
The auto was going towards Majestic and in the next signal 2 hefty guysand 1 beautiful girl rushed into this auto.

1 guy sat on the iron bar and the girl sat next to him and the other guy next to her. The guy sat on the iron bar branded a knife, the other guy caught his throat and the girl put her legs above his lap and held his hands.

The guy with the knife started banging him on his face and he started bleeding ....our guy was speechless and they didn't stop beating...he was not able to even shout for help as theother guy
caught on his throat ! The gang threatened him that if he shouts for help they will say that this guy is kidnapping the girl and the 2 guys came for rescue and auto driver is approver for that !!

They took his cash of Rs. 4000/-, took his watch and picked up his mobile.As the mobile was old model they returned to him ! All in the journey,while they kept beating him. After looting everything they pushed him from the auto in cubbon road and flew away. He was bleedingfrom his broken lipand didn't even note down the auto number becoz of the rude shock.

You know what - all this happened between 1 - 1.30pm of the day in one of the busiest area of Bangalore !! who told Auto is safe to travel ??!! Please be careful before getting into an auto especially after you come out of a ATM !!

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