Some Web terms

Website - the collection of related by topic HTML documents, linked in some way to give user ability to browse them and located in one domain.

Web page - HTML document with text, graphics and other media included.

Search Engine Optimization - the number of action taken by webmasters to achieve better position in search engines lists. The higher place the more chances users will enter your website.

Link - the piece of HTML code which let you connect your web pages in a website. By clicking link you will visit other web page or file.

URL - the address of the file which you may get through Internet. Pretty much works as a link to files or HTML documents.

Domain - the name of the server in the Internet.

IP address - the unique name of any computer connected to Internet.

SPAM - unsolicited commercial emails. It trashes Internet traffic and mail servers.

HTML - the language used to describe position of text and graphic on your web page. It's not a programming language; it is more Hyper Text Markup Language. That's what acronym HTML stands for.

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