Kids Speak about Gajini

A survey company asked the kids from classs 3rd to 5th a few questions about Ghajini and here are the most amazing and innocent replies got from them:

Q1: How did Aamir Khan develop such a muscular body?
Pragya(Age 7 years): He was suffering from memory loss, so he used to exercise and forgot that he has exercised and he did it all over again.
(Aamir will be very happy to learn about this)

Q2: What will you tell Sanjay Singhaniya, if you meet him one day?
Rohan (Age 8 years): I'll tell him that Ghajini is alive and is studying in my class. And he has changed his name to Akash.
(Strategic kid using Aamir as a tool, he must join politics)

Q3: What was the scariest part of the movie?
Shilpa (Age 8 years): The scariest part was when we came out in interval and there were so many Sanjay Singhaniyas selling Pop corn.
(Well Aamir next time you promote a movie do remember Shilpa)

Q4: Why did it take such a long time for Aamir to find Ghajini, the villian?
Sunit (Age 10 years): He lost his memory, so he didn't know how to use Google so manual search took him so much time.
(Smart child- Even he knows the power of Google)

(taken from a forwarded mail)


workhard said...

Those are some real smart answers for a third and a fourth grader:)


చైతన్య said...

he he he :D

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Gopal said...

wow... these are quite interesting answers... enjoyed your post.