Boyz & Gals

Here's the Difference between boys and girls when getting cash from an ATM.

Drive to the bank, park, go to the CashDispenser
Insert cardDial code and desired amount
Take the cash, the card and the slip

Drive to the bank
Engine stalled
Check make-up in the mirror
Apply perfume
Manually check haircut
Park the car - failure
Park the car - failure
Park the car - Success
Search for the card in the handbag
Insert card, rejected by the machine
Throw phonecard back in handbag,
Look for bank card
Insert Card
Look for Tampon Box (where secret code written) in Handbag
Enter code
Study instructions for 2 minutes
Re-enter code
Call Boyfriend/husband to get correct code
Enter desired amount
Enter bigger amount
Enter maximum amount
Cross fingers
Take cash
Go back to the car
Check make up in rear mirror
Look for keys in handbag
Start car
Drive 50 meters
Drive back to bank machine
Go out of the car
Take card and ticket back from machine
Go back to the car
Throw card on passenger seat
Throw slip on the floor
Check make up in rear mirror
Manually check haircut
Go into roundabout - wrong way
Go into roundabout - right way
Drive 5 kilometers
Remove hand brake.

Just 'N'joy this gals..

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susubala said...

This is too much of a girls... I could say..... Suppose to be gals are more cautious than u guys...